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Docupilot helps you to create your Contracts, Sales/Purchase Orders, Invoices, Employment Offer Letters, Real Estate Agreements, Marketing material, and many more business documents in PDF, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel formats from your Airtable records.

Automate your business document workflow

Automate your business document workflow with Airtable

Setting up the Airtable integration is easy. Just install the Docupilot extension from Airtable’s marketplace and you can generate any business document in seconds.

Add extension from Airtable Marketplace

Field Mapping

Save time pulling Airtable data into mapped fields within Docupilot templates!

Generate and Email PDFs from Forms response

Generate Documents and store in Document Storage for Backup & Audit

Generate Documents

Easily select all the Airtable records you want to generate documents and store the generated documents in an attachment field with in your Airtable record.